Sunday, July 26, 2015

The One in Which ... I Visit the Okinawa Summer Festival

So I tend to get bored fast if I don't have something to keep my busy.  And until I'm able to transfer some linden in world, shopping is not much of an option.  So I've been checking out some different events and discovering new designers I can shop when I get rich!

Today I found my way over to the Okinawa Summer Festival.  Its a Japanese event with 40+ designers showing their awesome wares and goes through August 24th.  So be sure to go visit here:

As I was looking around, I found this beautiful maxi skirt!  The designer has a women's shirt as well for free, and men's shorts & a tank.  And all the other items are great as well at a super good price point.

After styling the skirt, I went in search of a great sim to take photos and ended up at Drobak Village here:

Since I edit all my photos and play with photoshop keep in mind that the actual item will appear slightly different shades than what you see here.  So to see the raw shots before editing check out my new flickr account (Forgot the password on my old one):

And of course don't miss the Style Sheet below the next picture.

Style Sheet

Maxi Skirt - ++Twilight++ MAXI SKIRT 5
Jacket - fri. - Tourist.Jacket - 24.7 Pack (no longer available in SL)
Tank - JANE - intrinsic tanks.oranges
Necklace - EarthStones Falling Leaves Lariat Necklace- Autumn
Nail Polish - * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Autumn Nail Pack (no longer available in SL)
Shoes - *RRS* Boho Fringe - Gingerbread - DTCH Gift (no longer available in SL)
Hair - >TRUTH< Adeline -  reds
Eyes - Amacci ~ Gaze Eyes - Spring Green
Skin - (no longer available in SL)
Poses - (no longer available in SL)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The One in Which ... I return to SL

Three years...that's how long I have been gone from SL for the most part.  I have stopped in a time or two to chat with friends, check out the skin fair earlier this year, do photos for someone...but in general, I have not spent any significant time in SL since late 2012.

Why did I leave?  A variety of reasons but suffice it to say RL was not good for us for a while, and I needed to focus on that.  I was in a deep depression and I lost interest in anything SL related, as well as most everything else.  Then I just stopped thinking about it.  Occasionally SL would pop into my mind, and I would try to log in but my heart wasn't in it.  Then, things started to turn around for us in RL.  I started running my own clothing boutique and recently moved it to a better and bigger location.  I am super SUPER excited and loving my RL job!  My plan is to start carrying my own clothing designs in the near future.

Why come back to SL?  Well, my head seems to be in a better place now.  And I have been thinking a lot about how much fun I used to have and all the awesome friends I made.  I want to get back into designing in SL in my "spare" time.  And I for sure want to blog!  Today I got to catch up with a handful of old friends in Starwalkers.  That was awesome.  I have officially been in SL for about 5 days in a row now. That's a record!  I'm staying interested and coming up with all sorts of ideas. all my old friends that I have not kept up with in RL, I have missed you!  Watch out...Ana's Back!!!