Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Release Teaser: Prism Gisele by Journey - Shabby Chic

PLEASE NOTE:  The photo posted below has been processed in photoshop and to view the originals with true colors you need to visit my flickr by clicking on the pics and looking next to that photo.

Ana's Closet #034 - Prism FINAL2

Coming this Saturday!  This bright and colorful creation is the newest release for Journey McLaglen of Prism. She was inspired by one of the most recent British Vogue magazine covers in this fun design.  The pants were also worn in a very similar style by singer:  Robyn, on Saturday Night Live.

This eclectic pant set can be worn for those festive holiday parties, including New Years Eve bashes!  Party like its...2012!  The neck tie comes with 3 color options, pictured below.  And the shirt can be worn either untucked or tucked in (also show below).

Ana's Closet #035 - Prism

What I'm Wearing:

Outfit:  Gisele - Shabby Chic
Shoes:  aDIVA Couture Strawberry Lime Sandals
Nails:  Armidi - (True Enhance) Painted Nails (S10) - Raspberry I (L)
Hair:  [e] Early - Red 10
Poses:  Morphine

Friday, December 9, 2011

WFW Teaser: House of Rage "Fuerza"

The Winter Fashion Weekend began today!!  You can read all about it here:

PLEASE NOTE:  The photos posted below have been processed in photoshop and to view the originals with true colors you need to visit my flickr by clicking on the pics and looking next to that photo.

WFW Blog Pic #003 FINAL 3

Kicking butt in style!!  That's what this outfit makes me feel!  House of Rage has some of the most amazing outfits.  When I first was told that Topaz Joubert, Lybra Rage & LovelyMiwako7399 Menna were teaming up to create their new brand, I knew there would be a lot of power and force behind it.  Everyone of them are amazing at what they already do in SL, and House of Rage has proved to be no different.

The tight fitting, slightly cropped black leggings for this outfit hug the figure to allow for ease of movement and still are comfortable to wear.  Yes...even in SL, something can feel comfortable for me to wear!  The top has a great silver snakeskin print below the bust, with a great line separating the solid black part of the top.  Adding great interest to the wearer is the semi transparent shoulder pieces and sparkling neck piece.  These both make this outfit super high fashion.  And not to be missed is the excellent hair piece complete with the small base that covers one eye, adding to the allure and the great wispy feathers parading along the side.

You absolutely do not want to miss the House of Rage show at Winter Fashion Weekend on December 10th at 6pm SLT!

WFW Blog Pic #004 FINAL 3

What I'm Wearing:

Outfit:  HOR - Fuerza (not including glove)
Gloves:  V-Twins Gloves
Boots:  fri. - Journey.Boots (Black)
Hair:  [e] Early - Red 10
Poses:  Avante Poses

Thursday, December 8, 2011

WFW Teaser: Angel Dessous "Claudine Christmas"

The Winter Fashion Weekend begins tomorrow!!  You can read all about it here:

WFW Blog Pic #001 FINAL

I have the honor of showing you a few items that will be shown during one of the Winter Fashion Weekend shows.  The first gown I wish to bring you is the "Claudine Christmas" gown from Angel Dessous.

This gown is absolutely stunning and certainly very festive!  The skirt has a beautiful pattern of red flowers and other fauna cascading down the sides.  The top of the skirt is surrounded by a poinsettia type array of flowers in the same texture.  The red satin bodice and sleeves are both topped with red sequins and lined in white sequins.  And adding an extra amount of interest is the white feather shoulder boa.  This gown will certainly make you the center of attention at your holiday party!  Or wear it for your holiday card photos :)

PLEASE NOTE:  The photos posted below have been processed in photoshop and to view the originals with true colors you need to visit my flickr by clicking on the pics and looking next to that photo.

WFW Blog Pic #002 FINAL

What I'm Wearing:

Gown:  "Claudine Christmas" from Angel Dessous
Hair:  ! SugarsmacK !:  Juliet/Red Delicious
Shoes:  =DeLa*= Pumps "Silvera" Red
Ring:  EarthStones Sparkle Ring - Garnet/Diamond
Earrings:  Princess Venus Earring (red)
Poses:  Manifeste

Friday, December 2, 2011


Winter Fashion Week 2011
Presented By: Passion Fashion Agency, Elegancia, and KABUKI Boutique
December 9th – December 14th

Join us this December as Elegancia Fashion Agency, Passion the Fashion Agency and KABUKI b o u t i q u e are combining forces and embarking on a first ever, three agency Winter Fashion Week of fashion shows and events, featuring the latest in winter fashion from the grids top designers.

The Weekend begins with a one of a kind Grand opening gala commencing Friday, the 9th of December at 12pm presented by KABUKI b o u t i q u e. The opening will be a mixed designer show comprised hand picked models and original custom outfits/designs that encapsulate the theme "Wicked Winter Wonderland"

After the opening the week gets going with all of the excitment starting with the cyber couture of [sYs]! This is one week of events you do not want to miss!!!

December 9
12:00pm SLT – Winter Fashion Week Opening Gala
2:00pm SLT – [sYs] Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – Egoisme Fashion Show

December 10
10:00am SLT – Aimesi Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT – Sartoria Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Nemesis Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – Gizza Fashion Show
6:00pm SLT – House of Rage Fashion Show

December 11
10:00am SLT – Countdown Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT – Angel Dessous Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Xanadu Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – PurpleMoon Fashion Show

December 12
12:00pm SLT – Tres Beau Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Solidea Folies Fashion Show

December 13
10:00am SLT – MEB Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT - Accessory Show Featuring GLAM Affair, Baoba, Lode and Finesmith
2:00pm SLT – Azoury Fashion Show

December 14
12:00pm SLT - Winter Fashion Week Closing Event

Be sure to mark your calendars early for this incredible week of events! It is not to be missed! We have a couple spots left, please contact: Federica Galtier, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Salvo Waydelich or Leandra Breen.

Sascha’s Designs ~ Potpourri in White

Solo Evane Blogging #013 FINAL2
Part of Poem by: Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936 / Bombay / India)

What I'm Wearing:

Outfit: SAS - Potpourri White
Boots: ANEXX_FringeWesternBoots_White
Hair: [e] Claim - Red 08
Pose: Avante Poses

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bloggers Needed for Elegancia

Elegancia is growing and is in a position where we need to grow our blog's presence in the SL fashion world.  We have a HUGE Winter Fashion Weekend Planned with Passions and Kabuki and the blog will be a huge part of the PR for this event.

We also have a new SIM and a Performing Arts Troupe that will be having a celebration and we will depend on our bloggers to get the word out!!

We need bloggers that can commit to

 1. at least one or two post /week if possible
 2. high quality photos
 3. check the previous posts we don't wanna see the same items blogged for more times
 4. only new items or mix and match
 5. it's allowed send out in the group only the notice for the blog no spam is allowed
 6. if you can't blog for a period please send a notecard to Blossoms Sweetwater or CottonCandy Teardrop. If we hear nothing about you for 30 days. you'll be removed from bloggers role.

Elegancia is looking for dedicated bloggers...  we need bloggers that can commit to post at least 1 to 2 times a week..  If you have the time and can make the commitment please contact Blossoms Sweetwater or CottonCandy Teardrop for further information..

Thank you

Saturday, November 26, 2011

AKERUKA Thanksgiving Skin Gift!

AKERUKA is still offering a skin gift for Thanksgiving for both men and women!  Its gorgeous too.  You must join their group to get the skin, but the joining fee is free!  This will last through tomorrow (Sunday).  Also skins at the store are currently 50% off so be sure to shop around while you are there picking up this beautiful skin!  You can find AKERUKA here:

I am wearing the woman's skin in this photo compilation here.  And you can see the men's below in the ad!

Akeruka Blogging #001

What I'm Wearing:

Skin:  Akeruka Meg Thanksgiving GIft!
Shape:  Personal shape made by me (Anabella Ravinelli)
Shoes:  [Armidi Gisaci] Viniani Heel - Pearl
Lingerie:  *Beauty Avatar Couture* DINA
Jewelry:  EarthStones Falling Leaves Bracelet & Earrings - Autumn
Hair:  fri. - Neva.2 - Jaded Blond
Eyes:  (Miriel) Realistic Eyes - Light Brown

AKERUKA Thanksgiving Gift

The (not so) dull days of Elan!

Who says winter has to be dull and soul draining?  Why not spice up your wardrobe a bit with some bright colors from - Elan - ! Alatiel Malies has an amazing collection going this year and this outfit I chose to feature here is among them.

Solo Evane Blogging #012 FINAL

What I'm Wearing:

Outfit:  - Elan - Rockin in fur & sequins (yellow/purple)
Nails:  * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Striped Nails, Purple & Lavender
Boots:  *MJS* Bold Leather Buckled Knee Boot PURPLE
Earrings:  *MM Luxe* Amethyst Jewel Chandelier Earring
Bracelet:  Chloe - Venezuela in Orchid Bracelet
Hair:  [e] Early - Red 10

Thursday, November 3, 2011

House of Rage - A Peek Inside

My dear friends have recently opened their much anticipated clothing line:  House of Rage.  There is raw emotion behind this first release that I believe can be felt even by those who don't know the story behind it all.  I am very honored to have been counted among those who were invited to the opening yesterday and will be doing a 2nd blog post soon detailing the show "Evolution".  But for the time being, allow me to share with you a couple of their designs!

"Alone in the Dark..."

Ana's Closet #031 - House of Rage FINAL

House of Rage consists of 3 incredible designers:  Lybra Rage, LovelyMiwako7399 Menna and Topaz Joubert.  The dress just above was created by Lovely and I love the elegance of it.  The great silhouette creates a fun piece to wear that will make you stand out among others wherever you go!

"Breaking Free..."

Ana's Closet #032 - House of Rage FINAL

This gown is called "Anabella" and I feel quite humbled to have one of the first designs named after me!  This particular one was created by Topaz Joubert.  The flowing skirt billows around your legs and I am particularly partial to the sleeves!  I wonder if she can create this gown for me in RL ;)  The hat I'm wearing is also from House of Rage.  It comes in white as well as this black one and there are a few others to choose from as well!

Ana's Closet #033 - House of Rage FINAL

What I'm Wearing:
Pic #1
Dress:  HOR - Frenzy
Bracelet:  Chloe - Venezuela in Orchid Bracelet
Earrings:  GIULIA earring from Donna Flora
Hair:  [e] Leah - Red 10
Pose:  Long Awkward Pose

Pic #2 & 3

Dress:  HOR - Anabella
Hat:  H.O.R. - Flore au Darkness
Hair:  [e] Looking - Red 10
Pose:  Long Awkward Pose

Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Item 5 Ways *New* Blogger Challenge - Week One - Animal Print

Ana's Closet #024 - Animal Print

I am having a lot of fun with the two blogger challenges I've found.  I'm sure there are more out there but they are the only two I have seen.  So, I decided to start a challenge of my own.  If you're interested yay!  If not that's ok too ;)  Anyhow if you join the challenge please put a link to your first post below so I can check it out!

Here is the challenge:  One Item Five Ways
Week One - Animal Print
Each week (hopefully) I'll have a new theme for that one item.  That item must be used in 5 unique outfits.  You can style those 5 outfits any way you want, but they must be different from one another.  This first week the theme is Animal Print.  I chose to use a leopard print top that I wore in my last post.  I'm very excited about this challenge and hope you enjoy it as well!  I will try and put a list together soon, so you can be working on the challenge ahead of time if you want.  If I don't get it up though please check back here on my blog for the new week's challenge.  Have fun!

P.S.  This challenge is not for the faint of heart!  It's a bit involved.  So if you want to take on an easier version, I am open to suggestions ;)

My Item:
/artilleri/ Ah Bella! top *leo*
(click on the pictures for a larger view)

Ana's Closet #025 - Animal Print

Ana's Closet #026 - Animal Print (final)

What I'm Wearing:

Lipstick:  [:T:] Eva / pale / lips :: Nude
Skirt:  from *Beauty Avatar* GREENE
Hair & Hairbase:  Vanity Hair::Just Nina  blonds
Eyeshadow:  Avion - Eyeshadow - Champagne - Champagne and Shimmer
Nails:  Candy Nail #P032 Feather Gold
Bangle:  :+*R*+: Meringue Bangle Gold [L]
Earrings:  :+*R*+: Meringue Pierced Earrings Gold
Bag:  from :: PM :: Isabella in Green
Shoes:  [Armidi Gisaci] Viniani Heel - Pearl
Pose:  Morgane Batista's

Ana's Closet #027 - Animal Print (final)
What I'm Wearing:

Hair:  [Decoy Hair] Nicole - Light Blondes in Bleach Blonde
Nail Polish:  * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Polka Dot Nails, Brown & Pink (glove)
Boots:  *Kookie 50L Vintage Armarda Boots
Suspender Shorts:  Chimney Hunt 042 from Narwhal - High Waist Super Skirt
Socks:  Pig - Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Charlie
Pigmy Puff:  Ohmai Emporium: Pygmy Puff (Chocolate Frog)
Pose:  Long Awkward Pose

Ana's Closet #028 - Animal Print (final)
What I'm Wearing:

Hair & Hairbase:  !VA! Sinahi-blonde
Jewelry:  Gold Christine Earrings & Necklace - white (from Alienbear Gupte)
Belt:  from * MichaMi: Carmela
Skirt:  R.icielli - ANITA TDR edition highwaist skirt /nude
Nails:  Armidi - (True Enhance) Painted Nails - Cherry III
Shoes:  Pixel Mode Cocktails - Bloody Mary
Pose:  Long Awkward Pose

Ana's Closet #029 - Animal Print (final)
What I'm Wearing:

Boots:  *Sawode* Milla Boots 12
Fishnets:  Black Fishnet Pantyhose with Seam (from Dawn Memorial)
Hair:  fri. - Neva - Blonds in Anxious Blond
Nails:  * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Black Cherry Nails
Shorts:  from aDiva Couture Rockin Charlie
Tats:  :: Genesis :: The Monarchy Tattoos (Upper)
Jewelry:  Zari "The Leather Collection" Distressed Leather Bangles, Choker and Cuff
Pose:  Long Awkward Pose

Ana's Closet #030 - Animal Print (final)
What I'm Wearing:

Hair:  Armidi Hair - The Glamorous II - Pecan
Jeans:  * =DeLa*= High waisted Jeans "Lindsey" Blue03
Boots:  BOOTS /Black-Leather/ Sculpties *REDGRAVE*
Nails:  * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Chocolate Ganache Nails (gloves layer)
Hairbase:  Exile Hairbase: Wheat (matching Armidi wheat)
Vest:  Nah!apr_01 (from Lennox Latte - no longer in SL?)
Shirt:  /artilleri/ ah, bella! *leo*
Pose:  Long Awkward Pose

Friday, September 16, 2011

Alphabet Blogger Challenge - A

Ana's Closet #014 - Alphabet A (final)

So I just found another great blogger challenge on Anya Ohmai's blog HERE.  The challenge originated here though:

So basically you're supposed to blog items starting with the same letter of the alphabet each post.  For example- the store name, item name or color must begin with the letter you're blogging.  You can stretch it to be creator name if you must.  I decided to focus each post on 1 to 3 stores that begin with the letter A, using items only from those stores.  Except for skin and poses.  I considered skins but that could get super expensive quick!  Anyhow, hope you enjoy!

NOTE:  This post is photo heavy I couldn't stop and styled 4 outfits!
My A shop choices are:
aDiva (retired)

Ana's Closet #015 - Alphabet A (final)

What I'm Wearing:
  • Dress:  /artilleri/ Carrie dress *red*
  • Hair:  /artilleri/ Sabina hair *blondie*
  • Hair Flower:  /artilleri/ Hibi hair flower (chin) *red*
  • Shoes:  [Armidi Gisaci] Dhali Bow Platforms - Red
  • Eyes:  Amacci Gaze Eyes - Black Blue
  • Nails:  Armidi - (True Enhance) Painted Nails - Cherry II
Ana's Closet #016 - Alphabet A (final)

Ana's Closet #017 - Alphabet A (final)

What I'm Wearing:
  • Shirt:  /artilleri/ Othelie blouse *plum*
  • Pants:  /artilleri/ 1st mate capris *white*
  • Bag:  [Armidi Gisaci] Focsani Bag - White
  • Shoes:  ANEXX_LoaferPumps_White
  • Hair:  /artilleri/ Sabina II hair *blondie*
  • Earrings:  /artilleri/ Double Cherry set
  • Eyes:  Amacci Gaze Eyes - Black Purple
  • Nails:  Armidi - (True Enhance) Painted Nails - White II
Ana's Closet #018 - Alphabet A (final)

Ana's Closet #019 - Alphabet A (final)

What I'm Wearing:
  • Outfit:  /artilleri/ Claire playsuit *green*
  • Hair:  /artilleri/ Trixie hair *blondie*
  • Shoes:  aDIVA Couture Strawberry Lime Sandals (retired)
  • Jewelry:  /artilleri/ Fancy Dice set
  • Eyes:  Amacci Gaze Eyes - Spring Green
Ana's Closet #021 - Alphabet A (final)

Ana's Closet #022 - Alphabet A (final)

What I'm Wearing:
  • Cardigan:  /artilleri/ Elspeth cardigans *brown*
  • Shirt:  /artilleri/ Ah Bella! top *leo*
  • Hair:  /artilleri/ Rina hair *blondie*
  • Hair Accessory:  /artilleri/ rose hair flower *white*
  • Skirt:  /artilleri/ Tiffany skirt *sand*
  • Shoes:  Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump [Dk Brown Croc]
  • Nails:  Armidi - (True Enhance) Painted Nails - Gold II
  • Eyes:  <TheAbyss> [ EYES ][ Jewels ] - Topaz
Poses used in post:  Morgane's, Storin, House of London and Reel Expressions

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Week One - Grey

I've seen this blogging challenge going around for a while now and wanted to do something with it but finally decided to get started.  You can view all the details of it here:

I'd love to find some more blogging challenges to do too, so if anyone knows of any let me know!

Ana's Closet #012 - 52 Weeks of Color Grey (FINAL)

Ana's Closet #011 - 52 Weeks of Color Grey (FINAL)

What I'm Wearing:
  • Ring:  (Elate!) Square Stone Ring - Opal
  • Shoes:  fri. - Basic Pumps (Silver)
  • Earrings:  Gems & Kisses - I love you - Plat&White
  • Dress:  HC - Sweater Mini lower (Ash)  from Hyper Couture
  • Hair:  Kin-Eleanor-[blonde]
  • Nails:  Armidi - (True Enhance) Painted Nails - Dark Gray I
  • Eyes:  *Mayden couture* - Eyes L 03
  • Poses:  Long Awkward Pose

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LaViere Anyone?

Ana's Closet #008 - LaViere (final)

Was skimming blog feeds today and came across some stuff I loved!  So I visited the shop and picked up a few different things for myself.  Enjoy:  -LaViere-!

Ana's Closet #009 - LaViere (final)

Ana's Closet #010 - LaViere (final)

What I Am Wearing:
  • Dress:  -Laviere- Melanie V-neck Dress Dust pink
  • Shoes:  [Armidi Gisaci] Viniani Heel - Pearl
  • Necklace:  ((Crystal line))Tidy flower Necklace(Chest) (by- RENA Vita)
  • Ring:  [!SyDS! Ring] Serenite (Pink)
  • Nail Polish:  * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Powder Pink Nails
  • Hair:  **Pocket Mirrors** Hikaru Updo Blonde
  • Poses: model poses

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mi Favorito - Mon Tissu

Ana's Closet #005 - Mon Tissu (final)

Mon Tissu is one of those stores that I want to own everything made!  I need a lot of linden before that happens though.  This outfit is one I wear all the time, I am sure my students at Maniera are sick of seeing me in it lol.  I'd love to have it in RL too!

Ana's Closet #004 - Mon Tissu (final)

Ana's Closet #006 - Mon Tissu (final)

What I'm Wearing:

  • Eyes:  *Mayden couture* - Eyes L 03
  • Hair:  fri. - Dylan - Happy Blond
  • Jeans:  yumyum Jeans:03 (from toraji Voom)
  • Jacket:  {mon tissu} Rockaby Blazer - Grey
  • Tank:  {mon tissu} Lollia Tank Top - Slate Stripes
  • Boots:  {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots
  • Corsage:  {mon tissu} French Pouf - Black

Ana's Closet #007 - Mon Tissu (final)

Playing around with windlight settings...I've started enjoying this more lately.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes...I'm blogging...

Ana's Closet #001 - Pajama Party (finished)

So I've finally decided to start a blog.  Ana's never been much of a blogger but I do love photography and taking pics so I'll probably have more of that than lots of writing.  Who knows, we'll see.  As of right now I'm just thinking of posting outfits I mix and match together on occasion, and having fun with the photo process of it.  I don't plan on posting every day but who knows, if I do, then I do.  I'll always be sure to include a style sheet as well.  Hope you enjoy!

Starting with an outfit I threw on for the Maniera Pajama Party tonight at 7pm SLT, part of The Mens 24 events!  You can join us here:

Ana's Closet #002 - Pajama Party (finished)

Ana's Closet #003 - Pajama Party (finished)

What I'm Wearing:

  • PJS:  *BOOM* Bunny Hunt Freebie (from a past hunt)
  • Socks:  Pig - Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders - Key West
  • Mirror:  .:*December*:. Hand Mirror Rose & Gems /Rhand
  • Nails:  * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Polka Dot Nails, Lavender & Purple (glove)
  • Hair:  Cake - Dakota - Light Blonde Hair