Thursday, November 3, 2011

House of Rage - A Peek Inside

My dear friends have recently opened their much anticipated clothing line:  House of Rage.  There is raw emotion behind this first release that I believe can be felt even by those who don't know the story behind it all.  I am very honored to have been counted among those who were invited to the opening yesterday and will be doing a 2nd blog post soon detailing the show "Evolution".  But for the time being, allow me to share with you a couple of their designs!

"Alone in the Dark..."

Ana's Closet #031 - House of Rage FINAL

House of Rage consists of 3 incredible designers:  Lybra Rage, LovelyMiwako7399 Menna and Topaz Joubert.  The dress just above was created by Lovely and I love the elegance of it.  The great silhouette creates a fun piece to wear that will make you stand out among others wherever you go!

"Breaking Free..."

Ana's Closet #032 - House of Rage FINAL

This gown is called "Anabella" and I feel quite humbled to have one of the first designs named after me!  This particular one was created by Topaz Joubert.  The flowing skirt billows around your legs and I am particularly partial to the sleeves!  I wonder if she can create this gown for me in RL ;)  The hat I'm wearing is also from House of Rage.  It comes in white as well as this black one and there are a few others to choose from as well!

Ana's Closet #033 - House of Rage FINAL

What I'm Wearing:
Pic #1
Dress:  HOR - Frenzy
Bracelet:  Chloe - Venezuela in Orchid Bracelet
Earrings:  GIULIA earring from Donna Flora
Hair:  [e] Leah - Red 10
Pose:  Long Awkward Pose

Pic #2 & 3

Dress:  HOR - Anabella
Hat:  H.O.R. - Flore au Darkness
Hair:  [e] Looking - Red 10
Pose:  Long Awkward Pose

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