Saturday, November 26, 2011

The (not so) dull days of Elan!

Who says winter has to be dull and soul draining?  Why not spice up your wardrobe a bit with some bright colors from - Elan - ! Alatiel Malies has an amazing collection going this year and this outfit I chose to feature here is among them.

Solo Evane Blogging #012 FINAL

What I'm Wearing:

Outfit:  - Elan - Rockin in fur & sequins (yellow/purple)
Nails:  * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Striped Nails, Purple & Lavender
Boots:  *MJS* Bold Leather Buckled Knee Boot PURPLE
Earrings:  *MM Luxe* Amethyst Jewel Chandelier Earring
Bracelet:  Chloe - Venezuela in Orchid Bracelet
Hair:  [e] Early - Red 10

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