Monday, July 16, 2012

Hair Fair 2012!!!

If you haven't heard the buzz in the fashion world of SL about the Hair Fair this year, you're probably living under a rock.  They certainly have not disappointed this year!  Tons of designers, awesome new hair, lots of mesh and an awesome environment to shop in.  I'll be posting several things about the hair fair this year, but wanted to start with a general overview of the sims.  They are so serene and relaxing!

The even this year involves a total of 4 sims:  Garden, Flower, Sand and Water.  A continuous path connects all 4 and as long as you stick to it you can see every single shop by following it around.  There is a map in several spots you can click for a folder of landmarks to each specific store.

Each sim has a landing area with any information you will need as well as more ;)

The neutral builds not only add to the relaxation of the sim, but help to reduce lag as much as possible when exploring the jam packed sims.

Also to help find stores you are looking for, are plenty of signs telling you what is down each strip:

And creating a very Zen vibe are plenty of gardening areas, relaxation spots and fountains with pools.  Check them out!

Finally I have to share a couple of amusing photos ;)

Blogger protesters because Elikatira was not set up yet!

And this is what the organizers do after all their hard work ;)

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