Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 Items 10 Ways - Nautical Inspirations


Color obsessed.  That's me.  Since I was very young I have always been attracted to great color combinations...whether it's a paint pallet, a great photograph or a trendy style.  Marie Claire magazine used to be one of my all time favorite magazines until they got a new editor and it totally changed about 8 to 10 years ago now.  Of course it has more than likely changed again, but I was so mad that they completely restructured the magazine that I quit reading it.  Guess I should give it a shot and see if its changed back huh?

Anyhow, I digress...back when Marie Claire was an awesome magazine to look at AND read, there was this article called "10 Items 10 Ways" that they would run every once in a while.  And they aren't the only ones that have done similar things to this.  Basically the concept is to choose 10 wardrobe staples in coordinating colors/prints and mix & match them to create 10 unique outfits.  It was always so much fun to see what they could come up with and I would dream of having a wardrobe large enough to be able to do the same thing.

I still don't have as wonderful a RL wardrobe as I wish for...who does?  But, my SL wardrobe is more than I could ever dream for!  Recently I managed to sort through a lot of things I'd left in my "to sort" folder for way too long, and found lots of goodies I had forgotten about.  Now I know many SL fashionistas hate wearing the same thing more than once.  But also hate to buy that great blouse and then never wear it again!  So, why not use this concept from Marie Claire that I love so much and take 10 items and create 10 great outfits I can wear?  That lasts me for 10 whole days!  And considering I don't log into SL much on the weekends, that means I can get 2 weeks worth of outfits out of this idea.  Only problem being, I am wearing generally the same color scheme for 2 weeks straight, but I'm not going to be picky.

So this leads us to my first experiment.  I'm not sure why I chose the color scheme I did for this first one other than I've always been a huge fan of the red, white & blue combination and the nautical vibe it has.  I truly hope to make this a bi-weekly project!  I tried something similar to this last year, but after RL went nuts on me, my blog went on hiatus for a bit.  And this is much more exciting than only using 1 item.  Any thoughts on color schemes you would like to see used for future combinations?  Let me know in the comments!

Before I bore you to death with my ramblings, let me begin by showing you the 10 pieces I used in this first set.  Keep in mind, accessories, hair and shoes do not count toward the 10 items, those can be interchanged for each combination (yay!):

10i10w - Nautical - The Tops
#1 - {Gisaci} Off Shoulder Boucle Sweater - Devilsberry
#2 - *VERVE* Ahoy! Top (Navy)
#3 - navy
#4 - fri. - Tourist.Jacket (Red)
10i10w - Nautical - The Bottoms
#1 - Flared pants - Cream (from Maylee Oh of The Secret Store)
#2 - Skirt from *ICING* Breezy Redux - Blueberry outfit
#3 - {SMS} Jeans Mini Medium
10i10w - Nautical - The Extras

#1 - (epoque) Baggy Knit Hat - Color Change
#2 - {Gisaci} Francia Woven Coat - Midnight
#3 - (Elate!) Nivaya Navy Dress (I used the version w/out Sleeves)

So using each of these staple pieces I came up with 10 different combinations.  The photo at the top gives you a general overview but here are the originals.  I'm going to have to figure out some way to make these posts not so incredibly long!  FYI:  The poses I used were from POSEUR, HelaMiyo & Avante


So....what color scheme or theme should I do next?


  1. Great post Anna! You have motivated me to go through my rl and sl closet.

    1. Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it :D Yes me too LOL...

  2. I love this post. Mixing and matching is a marvelous way to extend any wardrobe, and you've shown us some great examples.

    1. Thanks Xeno!! I had a blast doing this.