Friday, May 25, 2012

SA Skin Showcase ~ Sneak Peak #2 ~ The Skins ~ [CIA Designs]

And here we begin the many posts I will have to preview the different skins you can find at the Skin Addiction Skin Showcase!

Post with info and SLurls:

Post with event Sim preview:

First of all, please excuse the basic styling.  I have SO many skins to take snaps of that I used the same pose and styling for all of them...details on what I'm wearing and the pose I'm using at the bottom of this post.  I am not going in any particular order for these skins that I'm showing you.  Some posts may show more than one designer, others may only show one.  It depends on photo heavy it gets!  Anyhow lets begin with:

[CIA Designs] designed by 艾拉 .: t h u m p e r :. (ayla.stradling)

For blogging, Ayla has provided two beautiful skin lines in two tones each and 3 lipsticks per tone:  Fuchsia, Purple & Red.  I have never seen her skins before, but I must say I was quite impressed.  And they really did fit my shape well, too.  The body is not overly done or muscular looking, and has the right amount of shading and highlighting to look soft and feminine.  If you prefer a face with a bit of a more "girl-next-door" look, and a splattering of freckles, then you will love Daisy.  If you prefer a clean face with a bit more high fashion vibe, then Megan will be your girl!  But enough talk!  Let the photos speak for themselves:

SASS - [CIA] - Daisy Skin PALE FB

Daisy - Pale

SASS - [CIA] - Daisy Skin PALE HS

Daisy - Pale

SASS - [CIA] - Daisy Skin Slight Tan FB

Daisy - Slight Tan

SASS - [CIA] - Daisy Skin Slight Tan HS

Daisy - Slight Tan

SASS - [CIA] - Megan Skin PALE FB

Megan - Pale

SASS - [CIA] - Megan Skin PALE HS

Megan - Pale

SASS - [CIA] - Megan Skin Slight Tan FB

Megan - Slight Tan

SASS - [CIA] - Megan Skin Slight Tan HS

Megan - Slight Tan

What I'm Wearing:Bikini:  [Black] L*m by Ayura Freschi of Lo*momo
Shoes:  fri. - Basic Pumps (Black) L by Jolie Monday of
Hair:  [e] Away - Firey Reds - Red 10 by Elikapeka Tiramisu of [elikatira]
Hairbase:  Exile Hairbase: Scarlet by Kavar Cleanslate of Exile
Eyes:  Cytrus series eyes - Green eyes 92 by Edde Edman of EDDESIGN Body Shop
Tattoo Layer Lashes:  Miamai_LesMakeups_Lashes 11 by Monica Outlander of MIAMAI
Pose:  (House of London) - high fashion 08 by London Dailey of HOUSE of LONDON

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