Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LoveCats New Release- Fairies!!!!

PLEASE NOTE:  The full body photo posted below has been processed in photoshop and to view the originals with true colors you need to visit my flickr by clicking on the pics and looking next to that photo.

LoveCats Designs Mainstore:

I have a fascination for all things Fae.  So when I saw this new release from LoveCat Thei for her shop LoveCats Designs, I jumped at the chance to blog it.  I couldn't decide between Purple or Teal so I'm showing you both.  These gorgeous ensembles come in 3 other colors as well:  pink, green & blue.  They include the gorgeous skins, with matching wings, elvin ears, and tippie-toe feet with anklets.  There is a customized shape available as well, but I'm wearing my own shape for these photos.  You can try demos of these first, so be sure to check that out!

Half off for 24 hours only, from time of release which was Tuesday evening (May 22nd)! 500L for the skin/ear/foot set and shape is available in mod or no mod 175L/350L.

Enjoy the pics!  And don't forget the full body shots are processed in photoshop so view my flickr, or better yet the store, to see them in their true colors.  The face/closeup shots are not post processed other than cropping & a border.

LoveCats Spring Fae Teal 1a FINAL

LoveCats Spring Fae Teal 2b FINAL

LoveCats Spring Fae Purple 1c FINAL

LoveCats Spring Fae Purple 2b FINAL

Poses: LAP - Long Awkward Pose

LoveCats Designs Mainstore:

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